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IISTEK Trainers are experts committed to expanding the knowledge and skill set of businesses and individuals utilizing a wide range of technologies.

Flexible IT Training  Solutions

to expand the capability of your WORKFORCE

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has emerged as one of the most dynamic platforms available.   Cloud computing changes the way customers do business and provides the ability to scale up/down depending on the current demands. Businesses no longer need or require in-house equipment for their internal infrastructure.  Through cloud computing hard drives, network servers, databases,  and applications can be accessed remotely. Additionally, hybrid environments can be setup for organizations that are not comfortable being completely in the cloud.    

Desktop Applications

Microsoft Office is a set of desktop applications that is universally used by most businesses.  Skills set in Microsoft Office tools are highly desirable for professionals in today's work environment.  Our trainers will help students become more marketable by mastering skills in desktop applications like Microsoft Access, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Excel .

Computer Labs

Cloud based labs integrated with classes to provide real life exercises to help reinforce specific objectives. Labs available virtually and onsite. 

Our training rooms provides a collaborative learning environment which utilizes hands-on-training focused on stimulating real life scenarios.  

Our cloud based training technology allows students to participate in the labs and collaborate remotely if they are not able to attend a live session.  

1. Office 365/ Microsoft Office

2. Microsoft On Demand learning 

3. Azure cloud training solutions

Helping you find the right IT training solutions.

Why Choose IISTEK, LLC as your training provider?

1) Small group classes provided to private individuals with class size ranging from 3-8 students.  This allows special attention to each student which will enhance each students ability to meet their learning objectives. 

2) All Microsoft related technologies are taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers.  Additionally, curriculum utilized is  Microsoft 's Official Curriculum.  


3) Our flexible training options are designed to meet the needs of  of busy working professionals.   

Cloud Computing


Official Microsoft Training provider 

IT partner with a shared vision.

We provide customized corporate training and individual training that will exceed the required learning outcome.  All trainers are Microsoft Certified Trainers with years of experience in their respective area of expertise.  


Through our Cloud based platform, we offer flexibility that will meet your needs and provide the ability to be trained at your facility, within our facility or completely online.  


We offer group training sessions that is limited to 8 students per session as well as corporate training sessions for organizations that have predetermined objectives and criteria for their staff.

Providing a Complete Suite of Cloud based IT Training Solutions

iistek, LLC.

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